Public opposition makes Parliament drops $200m Chamber

Ghana’s Parliament has begun a campaign dubbed: ‘It’s our Parliament #Letstalkmore’ geared toward resurrecting the born moot $200 million new parliamentary territory.

Massive opposition to the project by Civil Society Organisations and Ghanaian compelled Parliament to announce a halt to the project on Monday eight July.

The decision to shelve the project was created when a gathering of the Parliamentary Service Board considering the large social media campaign and public uproar against the choice.

“Before comes are completed, feasibleness studies are done however you’d realise that this new chamber isn’t one thing that’s possible for currently,” the acting Director of Public Affairs of Parliament, Kate Addo, told Accra-based Neat FM.

However, in a very fulminant twist of events, Parliament has launched ‘It’s our Parliament #Letstalkmore’ campaign to push for the development of the new Parliamentary territory, on a daily basis when the proclaimed halt.

The Parliamentary Service Board had already received the field of study model for the new chamber from far-famed Ghanaian designer David Frank Adjaye, constant designer of the National Cathedral.

The 450-seater chamber would go together with a chapel, mosque, restaurant, and a deposit. this chamber homes 275 seats for MPs.

Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) and political unit OccupyGhana condemned the concept, describing it as a “misplaced priority.”

The CDD aforesaid Parliament because it stands now’s “relatively well resourced.”

On Friday, 3 members of the Economic Fighters League were in remission for complaintive against the new 450-seat chamber. The leader of the cluster and his accomplices were granted GHC2, 000 bail with one surety.

The League crystal rectifier by its leader Ernesto Yeboah was complaintive within the public gallery throughout proceedings.

OccupyGhana, delineate the project “inconsiderate” staring at the amount of hardship within the country.

“The actual fact that in light-weight of all the issues Republic of Ghana faces, our parliamentarians assume a replacement chamber is of utmost importance shows a big disconnection from loads of the individuals they’re imagined to represent.

“We cannot believe that Parliament and its leadership would even ponder one thing thus inconsiderate at a time once such a large amount of Ghanaians still struggle in these troublesome and attempting times. Even sadder is that the undeniable fact that it fare away at the boldness individuals have within the democratic method,” the cluster aforesaid.

In a rare look on morning TV on Wednesday, July 3, the bulk leader and Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu defended the requirement for the new chamber. in keeping with him, the argument that the new chamber isn’t of priority is unwarranted.

“So, let’s not very say that not till we tend to glad the essential human wants different things ar luxurious. Let no one tell Maine that not till perhaps we tend to ar able to give covering for everyone, not till we tend to ar able to give adequate housing to everyone these different things ar luxuries,” he expressed on GHOne TV’s GH nowadays.

Parliament’s latest campaign to resurrect the development of the moot new parliamentary territory comes on the rear of the suspension of a planned demonstration against the project on thirteen July.

Organisers of the march, the two Million March, aforesaid in a very statement the march had been halted owing to Parliament’s call to suspend the $200 million new Parliamentary territory project.

“We welcome the suspension with caution and stay wakeful and steadfast in our commitment to demand responsibleness from our government and leaders. ought to Parliament build any plan to implement this project within the future, at a time voters hold inappropriate, we tend to shall once more, close and build a stand against it.” the statement aforesaid.